Calendar & Announcements


Invitation to attend the AGM on Thursday April 27/04/2023 Proposal of MOA Amendment

General Assembly Meeting


Approval of changing the company’s name to (Hily Holding PJSC), and approval of the Board of Directors’ recommendation not to distribute any dividends for the year ended December 31, 2021

General Assembly Meeting


Approval of the Board of Directors and auditor's report, and recommendation not to distribute any dividends for the year ended December 31, 2020

General Assembly Meeting


Invitation to attend the annual General Assembly Meeting at 1:00 PM on Monday 26/04/2021 electronically and remotely without the personal attendance of the shareholders

General Assembly Meeting


Invitation to the election of Board of Directors’ membership from Sunday 04/04/2021 to Tuesday 13/04/2021

Board of Directors Meeting


Memorandum of Association amendment

Memorandum of Association


Approval of the proposal of the Board of Directors to provide social contributions and authorization to determine beneficiaries and transfer of the logistics solutions company and related property to a subsidiary company

General Assembly Meeting


Dividend distribution of AED 12,000,000 (10%)

Earning Announcement


Approval of signing a deal with a related party of the construction of two residential building on the plot owned by the company, as per the article no 152 of the commercial companies law no 2 of 2015, and article no 34 of the company's AOA

General Assembly Meeting


BOD proposals of cash distribution (15% AED 15,000,000). Approved 20% (AED 20,000,000) Appointment of new auditors for the year 2017 and their remuneration

General Assembly Meeting