Oasis National Foodstuff

Oasis National Foodstuff is one of the market leaders in the field of manufacturing, processing and marketing of high-quality consumer food products with cutting-edge packaging technologies


Years of Experience

1,800 sqm

State of the art factory

Established in 1997 and based in Abu Dhabi, Oasis National Foodstuff provides high end food products and services to its customers and has been a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge packaging technologies to the United Arab Emirates.

For many decades now, Oasis National Foodstuff has been a market leader in the region’s food category manufacturing, processing and marketing, operating out of a 1,800 square meter high-capacity, state of the art factory in Abu Dhabi and a dedicated team of 15 employees engaging in a six-day-a-week operation to fulfill the growing demand for high quality packaging services. 

By constantly innovating and learning from customer choices and striving to achieve optimal growth, Oasis National Foodstuff continues to develop its operations, always ensuring that client requirements for modern packaging solutions are met to the highest standards.

Port Zayed, Mina, Abu Dhabi P.O. Box #2378